soul healing


Soul Healing Single treatment

What is soul healing?

Soul Healing is a gentle but very deep form of energy healing. A highly relaxing and  restorative experience.

Who is it for?

It is for you if you’re seeking release from physical pain (including back pain, sports injuries, joint pain) and/or emotional problems such as anxiety or stress; or if you simply wish to switch off from the world and recharge your batteries

How does it work?

We start with an initial consultation about your issue followed by a 20-30 minute healing treatment. We end by exploring next steps for your healing journey.

What’s included?

The treatment starts with a consultation after which you will lie on a couch fully clothed while I perform the healing. This may include healing with hands on the body or the aura /energetic field.

What's the outcome?

A Soul Healing treatment offers time out from your life to rest, heal and let go of pain and suffering

What will you leave with?

You will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and restored.


£45 for 1 hour


Deep Soul Healing package

What is deep soul healing package?

A series of four longer treatments, where we will work deeply to help you release the root of your problem as well as heal symptoms.

Who is it for?

A lovely package of four in-depth treatments - ideal if you have a long-term emotional or physical health issue that you really feel ready to resolve.  This may be a physical or emotional issue. Illnesses that respond to this include chronic pain, ME, anxiety, insomnia, emotional trauma (recent or childhood), long term sports injuries or accident related injuries.

How does it worrk?

Four treatments taken about two weeks apart, each including a consultation followed by healing where you will be lying down on a couch fully clothed. This may involve both ‘hands on’ healing of the body and ‘hands off’ healing of your aura.

What’s included?

4 x 1 hour sessions where we will work intensely to release deeply held trauma or pain.

What's the outcome?

Over four treatments we can really work on resolving and releasing deeply held pain and trauma. Over the sessions you will expect to see symptoms easing and increased sense of calmness and wellbeing

What will you leave with?

By the end of the four treatments you can expect your symptoms to have reduced significantly and to feel much more calm and energized.

Investment  £144
(a 20% saving)