My approach

I use a mix of soul-centred coaching, healing and intuitive skills to help you at a very deep level to get go of pain or past difficulties.

We live busy lives so my aim is to help you in a relatively short space of time. My methods work at a very deep level so change can occur quite swiftly.

My unique approach is to create a very confidential and contained space where you can reveal your true self and totally let go of the outside world. My clients comment on the safe and relaxing space I create. I like to bring a bit some lightness to my work so I mix in a bit of humour if appropriate. 

I usually work with clients for four or five sessions after which you can expect to experience a significant breakthrough in your health or life issue.  Thereafter you can come to see me when you feel like a ‘top up’.

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soul coaching

Would you like a total life reset? Ideally taken as a month long programme you will be guided by me to detox, de-clutter and   de-stress your mind, body and spirit so you can make space for what your soul really wants. A deeply transformative and uplifting experience.

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soul healing

Gentle but very deep energy healing. It will help you release chronic or acute physical pain and emotional problems such as anxiety or stress. It's also a wonderful way to switch off from the world and recharge. A deeply relaxing and highly restorative experience, it can incorporate 'hands on' healing of the body and/or 'hands off' healing of the aura. 

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soul reading

A Soul Reading helps you if you wish to understand your current life situation, learn from the past and explore possible future steps. It involves me using my intuitive skills to 'read' your aura or energetic body to help you find answers to important questions.  (Please note Soul Reading is a type of healing and is not fortune telling.)