Celebrating Summer Solstice

Midsummer Musings

The solstices are the great turning points in the year, when each cycle reaches its peak. Winter Solstice marks the end of the waning period, after which the light returns. Summer Solstice is the culmination of the waxing part of the year, after which the nights draw in.

At Midsummer (also known as the Festival of Attainment/Achievement and the Festival of Joy) nature seems to be pulsing with life. At the moment everything in my garden is flourishing and in full bloom. It looks so green and abundant. It’s also often the time when I have the most physical energy. In the Celtic Year it is the end of the ‘flowering’ time and the start of the ‘ripening’ season.

The sun also represents our Soul or higher self and Summer Solstice marks the highest peak in the year for our inner life.  The visions and goals we set at the start of the year are starting to fruit and the greatest part of our work is done  (though of course this does not mean it’s too late to start manifesting new things!).  In my case I’ve completed a practitioner training, started a new venture and just launched my website. What I’ve been working towards is starting to manifest.

Summer solstice also marks the end of the most active part of the year and the gradual return to the darkness; after midsummer we gradually slow down and go inwards, reflecting on what we have learned.

As Summer Solstice is about achievement here are some things you might like to do for yourself that relate to making dreams a reality:

- Take some time out in the day for yourself (ideally as close to Solstice time as possible which this year is at 11.07 am on 21 June). Meditate, take a walk, or just have a break from your desk. Tune into the sun, visualise its warm rays filling you with strength and vitality. Give thanks for your life. See if any insights or ideas come.

- Reflect on something that you have achieved this year, even if it has not yet fully born fruit. Really take time to feel proud of what your soul has created; focus on the positives - Summer Solstice is all about giving thanks!

- Think of one thing you want to achieve this year but have not yet attained. Consider why you haven’t done it? Did you set the bar too high? Was it something your critical mind wanted but your Soul/true self didn’t really want? Did fear stop you? Make a commitment to do one of three things:

1)      Re-birth it – re-commit to it but change your approach to a gentler one, that you know you can sustain. For example, if you want to get fit but didn’t stick to your goal of running three times a week, try going just once a week - or join a friendly running club.

2)      Decide you are not going to do it now but will start it at Winter Solstice, the perfect time to birth new ideas. Ask yourself what you need to acquire by then to help you manifest that dream. Do you need a support group? Is there a short course you could take to 'up' your skills? Do you need to get your finances in order?

3)      Decide you are not going to do it. Cross it off the list and totally let yourself off the hook. Celebrate all the other great things you are doing.

This solstice give thanks for what you have, let go of what is not serving you. Ask for what you need to take you forward.