First Fruits

The abundance of August

It’s August and while some of the flowers are going over in my garden, the apples, blackberries and elderberries are starting to fruit.



I can see and feel that high summer is passing. I sense the evenings closing in a bit and have that happy/sad sensation, knowing that summer will end. I’m enjoying the sunny days, but with the knowledge that the days are shortening.

August is traditionally the month of the Grain Mother – the time when cereal crops are harvested and we begin to see late summer fruit on the trees. That ‘masculine’ energy of high-octane activity is waning and the earth is starting to move into a more feminine rhythm of receptivity and regeneration.

Lammas or Lughnasadh also called the Festival of First Fruits, is traditionally celebrated at the start of the month. In old times it was marked by the last of the corn being harvested. Festivities included drinking beer, wine, whiskey and cider made from the previous years‘ crop.

Lammas is all about abundance, celebrating what you’ve created this year and also giving thanks for all you made happen last year that brought you to this point. After all, last year’s seeds are this year’s food! It’s about reaping the rewards of ideas that have ripened and giving thanks for the fruits of your labour.


So if you’re able to in early August take some time out for yourself to do the following:

-          Reflect and give thanks for the seeds you created last year and planted this year that are coming to fruition. Maybe this time last year you were dreaming about starting a new business and now it’s up and running or you have your first client? Congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come since that initial seed of an idea, even if not everything has borne fruit.

-          Set aside a day or a few hours for some rest and regeneration – maybe a massage or a spa trip or time just spent dedicated to self-care. 

-          Be receptive – be open to new ideas and new answers to old problems. If you feel comfortable ask Mother Earth/Goddess/ Spirit to send you inspiration and support. Be open to receiving help from Her

-          Reflect on ideas that come to you – are any of these seeds that could bear fruit next year? There is no need to start planning or writing to -do lists – just stay with dreaming and imagining for now. Ideally spend some time in nature tuning in to what inspires you.

-          Count your blessings! Think of three things in your life right now that you’re really grateful for. It’s amazing how powerful this can be. A friend of mine started keeping a daily Gratitude Journal and soon found she was not only feeling more abundant but more work, support and financial help started coming her way.

Above all make the most of your holidays to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the here and now!