what is MY soul space?

I'm Victoria Earle and I offer a deeply nurturing and safe space for individuals who are experiencing pain, stress or overwhelm. I use energetic and hands on healing, intuitive readings and inspirational coaching to help you alleviate pain and suffering and find calmness, balance and happiness in your life.

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brand story

My journey began in my twenties when I experienced chronic back pain and depression whilst working as a journalist. Since then I have been studying and practising different forms of healing, coaching and self development, exploring the connection between physical and mental health. After many years spent healing my own health issues, I now use the best of these techniques to help myself stay healthy, energised and balanced even when life is tough. I'm passionate about helping others, especially women, to benefit from what I've learned.

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I believe that everyone can bring balance and wholeness into their lives and I seek to bring all my skills to help my clients achieve this. I create a very safe and nurturing space for you to work at a profound level to create change in your life. My techniques are simple, effective and have lasting results within a relatively short space of time.

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I have studied various healing methods including Theta Healing, shamanic healing and past life regression. Most recently I undertook an intensive practitioner training in Soul Healing, a highly effective technique that brings profound and long lasting results. I am a professionally qualified Life and Business Coach, having trained with Barefoot, one of the UK’s leading providers of University accredited coach training. I am a certified Soul Coach® and NLP practitioner. I have co-founded and run two award-winning businesses, including a Bristol based food and drink company Lovely Drinks, so I understand all the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.

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Outside my work I enjoy practising yoga and Pilates, which help my back (I have a spinal curvature) as well as my overall health. Dancing, especially 5Rhythms, is another favourite pastime.

I love being in nature and in summer I enjoy spending time in my garden and have a go at growing things (not always successfully).  In winter I love a brisk walk before curling up with a book by the fire. I'm usually reading something about healing or personal development.

At weekends I can often be found scouring the gorgeous independent shops in Bristol near where I live. I also love going out and exploring all the amazing food our city has to offer.