healing and SOUL coachng IN BRISTOL


I'm Victoria Earle and I help everyone from busy mums to entrepreneurs to de-stress, heal emotional and physical pain and create positive, fulfilling futures.

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I offer a safe and nurturing soul space for you to release pain and stress, deeply relax, recharge and recover.  

I help you heal emotional and physical issues, get clear on what you want in life and create inspiring ideas to move you forward.

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Soul Coaching®

Soul Coaching is a life coaching system designed to help you uncover your blocks to happiness, step past them, and move towards a more fulfilling life. It's a total 'reset'  for mind, body and spirit. 

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Soul Healing

Soul Healing is a powerful form of energetic healing. It's for you if you're seeking to resolve an acute or long term health issue at a deep level or if you want to reduce stress and transform your wellbeing.

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soul reading

A Soul reading is an intuitive exploration of your current life situation on an energetic level. It helps you understand your problems and challenges and shows potential steps you can take to resolve them.

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